Withdrawal of funds has been sent to wrong account

Please can someone help urgently? I made a withdrawal request on 17/12/20 from my account and was told it was processed on 18/12/20. However trading212 has told me the funds were sent to a card that i have never had and thus never funded the account with. Please can someone help me with this- i think trading212 has sent my funds to the wrong place.

Please what can i do here?

you should be contacting the team directly to sort this out and get answers, rather than asking people who don’t know the specifics to your case for advice.

@Team212 @Tony.V Some assistance please.

When you made the withdrawal it gives you a list of available funding types you have used check through these to see if it is listed if it’s not then contact t212 directly if it is listed then you will need to contact the bank it’s been sent to

Here you have the answer:

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Iv had the same issue currently waiting for a reply from t212. I used a debit card to deposit and i withdrew my funds on monday 28th December 2020. I check the history and its showing up as a different card number which i dont recognise. I have never used gpay or apple pay.