Google pay card number different

Hello, I tried withdrawing recently and noticed that the last digit of the debit card I used to deposit money into my account is different from the last four digits displayed on my transaction history description on trading212.

Is this supposed to be so? Also, it’s been more than 24 hours and the withdrawn money isn’t available on my card balance.

Hi :slight_smile:

Not sure if you compared last 4 digits of gpay or directly from your debit card, because gpay generates virtual card with different digits.
You can check this virtual number in gpay click the card, then on bottom you should have.

Virtual account number:

Regarding withdrawal time:

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Hello @Vedran I can’t see any of that on my GPay dashboard, not sure why that is, but have you tried withdrawing with GPay? How long did that take?

Hi @DarkseidNG I have Apple Pay and it always masks your “real” card details therefore I guess it’s the same for GPay.

As for withdrawal, it all depends on how many different cards and amount you’ve used to deposit money on your account. For instance if you’ve deposited £100 via card number 1 and £200 via card number 2 then you’ll get money on card number 2 and if it is your first withdrawal then it will take longer (2-3 days). After that initial withdrawal the process becomes faster. It now takes me 12hrs to get my cash so all you have to do is wait slightly longer for the first few withdrawals then you’ll be fine :slight_smile: