World’s first FAANGs ETP

FATANG was really penalized by Tesla’s drop this month.

Personally, I have invested in GAFAM 1x since its creation.
I get a performance of more than 12% :slight_smile:

Speaking about Tesla, in Morningstar Ireland (returns converted to EUR) have some curious returns at 1M (all the other time frames seems correct), almost +200 000% on -3x Tesla in EUR and GBP (recent additions to GS line), but only 34.22% in the USD version:{"brandingCompanyId":{"id":"BN00000JDJ"}}&page=1&sortField=gbrReturnM1&sortOrder=desc

I know that the differences between the different currencies is due to FX fluctuations.

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It’s a repeating phenomenon in the last months. Tesla dropping and penalizing the FATANG, if it was football, Tesla were already sacked from the team. :slight_smile:

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the 200.000% performance displayed on MorningStar is due to the reverse split.
They did not take it into account!

I didn’t remember that. But it seems that the USD version was adjusted to the reverse split.

It would be nice to have a two-thousand bagger in a month. :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

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Although the US markets are closed on Monday, the ETPs with US stocks use the European versions of the US stocks to get the underlying value? Could you explain better this?

On Monday the UK market is also closed, so no trading for GS ETPs, because all GS ETPs are only traded on LSE?

Having a single listing could be a disadvantage due to holidays, although it have the advantage of concentrating the volume.

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Are you asking yourself a question?


I’m asking several questions to @MarcRAFFARD , as he is a GS representative.

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Even with the Dogecoin, +200.000% is not possible :smiley: :money_mouth_face:

That’s a good question.
For today, US markets and UK markets are closed.
So GraniteShares ETPs cannot be traded… there cannot be a problem or no worry about that.

But let’s assume that UK market is open, or that GraniteShares ETP are listed on Euronext too.
In that case for the US single stock ETPs, they will track the stocks listed in Europe (Xetra or Euronext Paris) as US stocks are listed in Europe. Most probably spreads will be larger due to less liquidity on the underlying in EU. For the UK single stock ETPs it will be an issue (maybe) and the ETPs will be traded on the demand and offer of the ETP only.

Having multiple Exchange listing is on the road map of GraniteShares, we are also exploring being listed on some MTF (Multi-lateral Trading Facilities). But there is many things to be considered before doing it (like holidays, that can be an issue in some cases).

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Yes, I work at GraniteShares and I will be happy to answer all questions :wink:

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As usual, good source of knowledge.

Well… We are living in strange times. Not even comparing to 10 years ago or 5 years ago, the twilight zone is present in the financial markets (and on other areas). Too much exuberance and high rate of disruption.

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Stephen Jarislowsky vs Jim Cramer