3x ETPs: Square / PayPal / Boeing and others

Hi Traders,

Thanks for all your new Short & Leveraged ETP ideas! The below are now live and trading thanks to the fantastic work of the T212 team.

  • 3 currencies (exchanged at institutional FX rates)
  • Lowest expense ratio (of any single stock ETP issuer)
  • Physically backed (with the underlying stocks)
3x Tesla ETP TSL3 3TSL 3TSE
3x Square ETP SQ3 3SQ 3SQE
3x PayPal ETP PYP3 3PYP 3PYE
3x Boeing ETP BA3 3BA 3BAE
3x Zoom ETP ZM3 3ZM 3ZME
3x Shopify ETP SHO3 3SHP 3SHE
3x Royal Dutch ETP RSH3 3RDS 3RDE
3x Barclays ETP BCS3 3BAC 3BCE
3x Vodafone ETP VDF3 3VOD 3VDE
-2x Short Tesla ETP TS2S 2STS 2STE
-1x Short Square ETP SQS SSQ SSQE
-1x Short Boeing ETP BAS SBA BAES
-1x Short Zoom ETP ZMS SZM SZME
-1x Short Shopify ETP SHOS SSHO SSHE
-1x Short Royal Dutch ETP RDSS SRDS SRDE
-1x Short Barclays ETP SBCS BCSS SBCE
-1x Short Vodafone ETP SVOD VODS SVDE
-1x Short Goldman Sachs ETP SGS GSSS SGSE
-1x Short Citigroup ETP CITS SCIT SCTE

That’s very un-American of you. :grin:


We already have 2x JPMorgan ETP, so just brought it full circle :grinning: :us_outlying_islands:

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Very American of you YEEHAW

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Great job, pumped to jump into a couple of those today!
Any plans on adding a Disney?

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Anything you’re interested in trading (leveraged or not) - feel free to msg ideas and I’ll pass on to the product dev team :wink:

I’m sure you’ve answered this before but who do you work for?

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No worries! It’s Leverage Shares, as mentioned in my profile :slight_smile:

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My market orders are now pending for 30+ min now for 3PYE, 3SE and 33SQE. Can you confirm that those instruments are available for trading right now @Oktay?

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Hey - just checked with BNP, and they said there’s no issue with their quotes (I also tried putting in some market orders to test and those are still not filled).

It’s the first day of trading on LSE, so I’ll try to get to the bottom of it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

-3x Short GameStop ETP EUR ??

Perhaps it takes too long to construct this ETP, before it goes to bankruptcy.

All the ETP you mentioned in your original post are already available on Trading 212 in all currencies? With future Trading 212’s currency fee, investors will be more willing to invest on their national currency.


Just imagine what happens to this when GME stock pops +40% in one day :smiley:
But in all seriousness, we thought about this one… but still think the hype is gonna blow over before we can bring it to market (or it goes bankrupt).

Thanks for the feedback! Indeed, all the ETPs are on the platform and available in £ / € / $

But please keep in mind that there might be some issues with orders today (taking too long to get filled, etc). I’m looking into it now.

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By the way, @Oktay, the LeverageShares are ETCs or ETNs?
I know that they are all ETPs.
My guess, is that they are ETCs, because they are physically-backed.

Have you consider asking Trading 212, to create a subcategory to include your ETPs, because they are mixed with hundreds of ETFs (ETFs are ETP, but not all ETP are ETFs), and they get “hidden” between all of them. With a subcategory “ETCs” (or “ETNs”), your ETCs will get more visibility, because they are also more searchable.

Trivia, in some countries is important to know the financial instruments’ legal structure, because the National Tax Authorities demand the segregation of financial instruments’ type when reporting to them. E.g. ETFs are consider as funds, ETN and ETC are debt instruments, although they are all ETPs.

I also thought about that, you could face a gamma squeeze. Specially on small free float shares.

Meme stocks are short-term phenomenon. Like SPACs. :wink:

Seeing the LeverageShares recent offer, we can notice that you are more long-biased than short. only Long 3x, but only Short -1x, except Tesla -2x. It’s a more conservative strategy to protect LeverageShares and also the investors?

@RLX - it’s great that you mention that, I think it’s worth considering for T212!

You’re right: all ETFs, ETCs, and ETNs are ETPs - but not the other way around. These products cannot be called ETFs (no diversified underlyings) nor ETCs (since they aren’t commodities).

So for any single stock ETPs, ETN would still be most accurate. It’s a new category, so it’s normal not to have a more precise classification I guess…

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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@RLX About the gamma squeeze: I agree :wink:

You’re right - I would say we’re mostly ‘bullish’ overall, given the bull run of 10+ yrs on US stocks.

About the leverage factors: Exactly - it is more conservative. We think that there’s a better chance of a big ‘gap up’ in the underlying stock than the other way around, so -1x (with the exception of Tesla) is the only short leverage factor for now.

But hey - we could be wrong, so whatever investor demand tells us, that’s what we bring to market.

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@Oktay, nice to talk with you, an informed person with a polite posture. I learned today some new information with you.

Also good a financial institution communicates with their customers. Well done.


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Much appreciated @RLX - glad I could help! :slight_smile:

Feel free to reach out anytime.

Now I know why…

… you are Finance grad and CFA charterholder. (just saw your Trading 212 profile)

We speak the same language. :wink:

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What sort of fees are we talking?