Would you pay for a premium CFD trading on T212?

I would be happy to pay if I get:

  • Fixed spread: raw or raw + fixed %
  • Reasonable swap fees: based on a fixed APR for all equities.
  • More stocks to trade
  • More extended hours trading

What do you think?

It’s a good idea but how much are we talking here? 10 dollars a month isn’t going to cut it when T212 are having problems issuing leverage in the hundreds of thousands and likely millions.

$10 a month is hardly premium :smile:

I am not a heavy trader, but I paid T212 over £2100 last year in interest.

Of course! So I’d be curious as to what you’d think is a good price. Even 100 dollars a month might not be enough to get the swap fees back and spread back to the way they were. I’d be up for it if it were available and the price was right though.

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There will still be interest and spread, I would say possibly around $25 - 30 will be reasonable for me to pay. I can pay more for customisable scanners and level 2 data.

I still don’t understand why we paying more interest for borrowing less? Tesla leverage was 1:5 and now it’s 1:2 but we pay more interest than we paid when it was 1:5

I’d pay that price myself. It would have to fit with T212’s business model though. I reckon they’ll need to sort out their finances as it stands for the current CFD platform first. At that point, one way I could see it working is us premium paying customers would be silo’d off from non premium paying CFD customers. That is to say, T212 would have a segregated pool of funds to work with premium customers, and another for non premium customers.