WRDU: delisted without notice?


Luckily I was invested in WRDU (Amundi Index MSCI World UCITS ETF DR) just in the demo account, but I am still curious about what happened to it.
Anyone knows why it has been sold at 0$ without any other news?

Thank you!

Hey, @Telemario :wave:

Amundi Index MSCI World UCITS ETF DR (WRDU) was acquired by Amundi ETF ICAV - Amundi MSCI World UCITS ETF (MWRD) earlier today.

All shareholders will receive 1 MWRD share for every 1 WRDU share held at market close on January 17, 2024. Any real accounts that had a position were notified via an in-app notification, as usual. The acquisition will also be acknowledged in our daily corporate events post here.

I’ll check why the event was reflected differently on the demo account, and I’ll get back to you once I have an update :pray:

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Can’t really find much info but looks like it might be something to do with the merger: Amundi to merge €4.9bn global SRI PAB ETF into Irish-domiciled equivalent

Could be wrong.

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The confusion is indeed due to the corporate event that took place. There are differences in how corporate actions are handled in the Real and Demo platforms. Only splits and position closures are typically replicated on the demo without any personal notifications.

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Oh, now I got it, thank you.
Oh the demo I lost 4k, so I was testing it could be happening on the real account too.
Thank you guys for the answers!

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Hi, does this have anything to do with the delistment of Amundi MSCI World Climate Transition CTB UCITS ETF DR? What can we expect for that one?

Welcome to the Community, @VPROgids :wave:

Amundi MSCI World Climate Transition CTB (GCLM) was delisted on December 5th, and we announced that in this Community topic. We’re still waiting for the final details to be confirmed, but as soon as this happens, we’ll reflect the event and notify all shareholders :pray:

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