Xetra Premarket Germany

Hello i have already made a topic if could add some more big name us stocks listed on xetra , would be much appreciated

Nio : N3IA
Paypal: 2PP

Any of these stock if could be added especially Amd and Square would be much appreciated.Would very much help us, we could be able to buy stocks at premarket hours like most us platforms let you we would do it buy trading at Xetra exchange

There is a big difference in liquidity. 2PP trades an average of 32.8k shares per day whereas PYPL trades 9.72M. You may get better prices and returns where there is more liquidity.

Are you talking about the spreads due to liquidity ? I wanted to ask if the sell price and buy price at the instrument details are accurate , i dont want to buy a stock that the sell price and buy have 1% difference for example , i recently bought alibaba ×2 etf euro and sold as soon as the london exchange opened and the difference was only 0,25% as was detailed at instrument details , Do you think i will have a liquidity problem if i buy stock at Xetra ? Here is Facebook and the spread seems small