You have a 4K Smart Tv? Go trading!

I have an LG UN71003 4K smart tv and wondered whether I could trade on it.
Video proof

  • I connected a USB hub to the TV then via it, connected a wireless mouse and a wire keyboard. A nice mouse pointer appeared and also I could type text into text input fields like the web browser’s address bar.
  • Trading212 is a little laggy but usable, perfect. Thanks to the 4K resolution, Split View raises to another level.

Smart Televisions are weak but specially skilled computers we could use for making money, not just watching Youtube videos or playing games on a console… :metal:t3:

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Your email is in the video. You may wish to remove it to protect yourself.


Thank you, it’s very kind of you. I try to make a blur on it. :slight_smile:

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