Zoom in - chart pretty much disappears AAARRGGH

Hi all,
If I zoom out to a longer aggregation period and then zoom back in, the app always scrolls the chart so far to the left that there only the last 3 or so bars visible. EVERY time I zoom in I have to click and drag or assault my mouse wheel to get the chart at least 50% across my visible range. It’s wearing thin I don’t mind saying lol

Solution: When we zoom in can we make sure the chart fills 50% of the chart window please? And by that I mean the last candler is half way across leaving 50% to the right empty to be expanded into as new candles form. I at least still want to see some historic price action when I zoom in and I don’t think I’d be presumptuous in saying i think others would too.



Sounds like a quick fix.
But I guess they are developing mobile-first. And if this problem doesn’t exist there…