Horizontal lines vanished

Anyone any idea why all the horizontal lines I set on my mobile app charts have all vanished today, it’s as though they never existed?
I’ve not really fully finished updating charts since the update, starting to lose the will I must admit.

This could happen if you’ve zoomed in too much. Still, I’ll DM you so we can check this further :eyes:

I can’t see how zoom would effect this problem as it’s happened on every chart at the same time. I can only see its an app bug or I’ve clicked something that would affect every chart rather than individual charts. All other technical lines have stayed, just the horizontal lines that I’d added for analysis have vanished.
Thanks for your dm asking for a screen shot but there’s nothing to show apart from charts without horizontal lines. Ill have to assume if im the only person to have had this problem then it’s something I’ve done, lord knows what though. Thanks.