CBBT has been limited to selling shares only

I also want to hold onto my stock.
I’m keen to understand what happens now, as surely I can’t be forced to sell.


Any advice from the more experienced investors would be greatly appreciated as I have taken a serious hit on this one :tired_face:

Hello, why you re blocking $gaxy, $cbbt like penny stock exempt. Youre the only one who is blocking this stocks. Thank you for answer

Best regards.

@Darkin T212 is UK based company. And those I think it makes

the regulatory burden involved in handling penny stocks.

as it was stated by someone from community management. It is their choice as company.
I am angry too, as you can say, because I couldnt avarage down my price. But it can happens, we knew what need to be done by otc stock to be listed in t212.


So they can sell our shares ?? Or just delisting it without money ?

GAXY wasn’t penny stock exempt before though. It got added to T212 by mistake, along with a couple others at the time.

The only reason for not adding them is just that they come with a lot of regulatory baggage.


Here’s me talking about it 17 Jan when someone asked why can’t another be added if GAXY was added and that wasn’t PSE

And the 26 Jan

We know nothing @Darkin Snow. Just need to wait for official statements from t212.

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Can someone at T212 explain this Tweet by the CFO herself?


don’t think a legal reason is needed :thinking: it wasn’t supposed to be added and the mistake is now just corrected?

If you are in loss, averaging down the price does’t mean less loss (in fact you will be adding loss from the spread), you will still have to wait for the price to go up, and if it goes further down you will have even bigger loss on the higher numbers of shares.

it wasnt to begin with, so it lost nothing except its T212 access

@Alien How is that? When you are sure that stock will bounce back quickly, you can sell it without losses. In addition, you can buy more when price hit bottom, and than you earn more. Obviously it can go down and down and down.

So you cant say that avaragint down will give you more losses, because it depends.

Pretty big mistake and bad timing to stop a security that wasn’t supposed to be on in the first place 4 months later.

Not saying that they are not justified to do so, but I think if they did it when it was going up it may have not has such bad press, and I think an explanation on how the mistake was made is needed for the Community to understand how it happened.

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Yeah I remember seeing that message on the 17th.

Possibly similar to the whole ADRs-in-ISAs cock-up that they have no choice but to retrospectively correct. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Yep T212 have secretly balsed it up and covering it up with the close only mode.

They technically can be added, just more work in having them on here.

With GAXY at least it definitely wasn’t a case of being PSE and then losing that status.

(Unless there was an issue on OTC markets where it should have had the PSE badge but didn’t, but yeah there definitely wasn’t a PSE badge when it was added).

I’m trying to think what the others were, they was about four I remember that got added which weren’t PSE.

I did contact staff at the time but heard nothing. I think staff are blanking me at the moment because they know I’m pissed with losing quite a bit of money at no fault of my own.


Ok so I’ve just looked into GAXY on the forum search and you are right, there are plenty of posts where people were saying that GAXY had no exemption but it wasn’t a problem then at the time! But the same week they’ve put out good financial figures they’ve now decided to remove it! I wasn’t suspicious at first but I am now! :face_with_monocle: the time of this removal is now concerning me! Why now?


I remember it wasn’t PSE and I did laugh at the time that the CEO profile is taken inside her car.


Can someone explain why my post was reported! It seems like when certain “leaders” are on here that posts get remove a lot for no reason!!

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Which post was it I can’t see it. Edit: yeah I see it’s hidden above.

don’t know who flagged it, but the content is accusing T212 of foul play so it’s to be expected :man_shrugging: