£1 Minimum order value

Hello, I’ve been using invest and ISA for ages now and love it. However, when did this minimum order come in for £1? Very annoying when you want to chuck change at Lloyds and other cheaper stocks. Also, means on fractional shares you can’t chuck your change at them and round up. For example a 0.1 purchase on BP just to use up the last bit of change.


If you make a pie with single stock then the minimum is not so restrictive. You can add as little as 20p.

I’ve just seen this also can’t buy a single on things under £1 Now like Say Aston Martin (68p)

Also means I can’t add small dividends back in to shares straight away.

I don’t have pies yet.

Yep this £1 minimum seems to have just started today. Really annoying as would regularly add small fractional shares with loose change. Is this now the new norm? Please go back to allowing purchases of less than £1

@grimamin @AlexK @George Can we have an answer to the above please.

I have also noticed the same from today morning.
Please allow like before, which was pretty useful.
May be make minimum as £0.10 instead of £1.00

Also would say the £1 minimum order value seems to contradict the published information on all the relevant “instrument details” where it indicates the minimum trading quantity at 0.1

Please clarify the position as this would now appear as incorrect advertising as you cannot trade a minimum of 0.1 of a share if the order value has been set at £1

Eg. Legal & General LGEN clearly shows min traded quantity as 0.1 which would indicate you must allow a purchase of 0.1 of a share.

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I have found purchases of less than £1 very handy but now with the minimum of £1 will mess things up. Best to go back to allowing purchases of less than £1.

The minimum, as of today, is indeed = or > 1,00.

The displayed minimum trading quantity will be corrected soon as well. We’ll likely make additional changes in the near future & allow single share orders for stocks that trade below 1,00, like Aston Martin or Lloyds.

If I have a single stock, say in my ISA, can I create a pie for that stock and transfer the from my investment element to the pie and then keep buying for less than £1?

Can i ask why this has changed?

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Yes am too curious as to why this has abruptly changed. Personally feel this should have been notified to all users well in advance, especially since as you have stated all relevant documentation highlighting minimum trading quantity hasn’t been updated alongside the changes (all seems rather rushed)

Seems to mess up the logic that trading212 allows you to trade a minimum 1 share.
(not applicable now with plenty of shares listed that trade under a £1)

@David Thanks for getting back to us. I do feel we should have had some advanced warning about this and everything in place first. So one could still buy sub £1 shares without having to double up. I do feel this is a step backwards if I’m honest. One of the lovely things I liked about 212 was the face that I felt that I was making each penny work for me. So should I get a dividend for say 88p I can put that right to work. Now I feel that this is not possible and to be honest a step backwards.

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Totally agree with ‘one step backwards’.

@David What’s more, this now makes us incur more tax taking more of a slice than before. Chucking change at a fractional shares company allowing me to cost average down over time without much effort was great. This and the reasons above lead me to feel very disappointed.


Introduction of £1 minimum order value may backfire to Trading212 as users may decide not to invest and/or look into moving to another trading platform/s.

@Jimmy1 I agree 100%

Just to make you all aware, DRIP is coming soon, meaning automatic reinvestment will be possible. As for the under the £1 thing, it really won’t make that big of a difference tbh, anything under a £1 is unlikely to change that much, and you can get that change in next time you deposit money to make more investments. And also don’t forget about pies.

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I understand the drip will help. However, I still feel there should have been prior warning over this and everything in place first.

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What are you talking about?
1st they said that will be available again the buy one share under 1 pound
2nd if you cannot invest 1 simple pound c’mon, close your account!