Minimum autoinvest

Hi all

I’ve tried contacting in app chat support but He doesn’t know what’s wrong. I have a £12 weekly deposit set up to autoinvest into my pie. It’s taken £12 which is sitting there as cash. So I thought oh perhaps I misunderstood autoinvest and thought perhaps it’s automate the deposit and no more. So I tried manually investing it myself. However that’s not working, it flashes up with £20 almost as if that’s the minimum investment you can make. So I have tried manually adjusting the weight to invest into 1 stock but I can’t.

The cash in my pie is different to my invest cash if that make sense. I can’t go on INVEST and buy a share as I have no free cash, but I do have free cash in my pie. Does the make sense? Almost like it’s a seperate “wallet” for lack of a better word.

You should try reading the threads, lots of information on everything you said in there

  1. You likely have at least one holding that’s makes up 1% of your pie. That makes the minimum investment £20. So it will sit in cash until next weeks £12
  2. I have asked for the minimum deposit to be removed when doing manual invest, it doesn’t make much sense
  3. Yes the cash are separated. Soon enough you’ll be able to use the free funds in your account for your pie, if you want money out of your pie into your account’s free funds you’ll have to withdraw it out of your pie
    Hope this answers your question, try having a look through the other pie topics and searching if you have any other enquires

Thanks Cavan I actually did have a quick search. Obviously not using the correct keywords or didn’t look hard enough! Yea that makes sense I guess coz I hold Amazon and Tesla which would push the price way up. Well O’Neill wait until next week and see what happens. Thanks

@cavanhagan is absolutely right! :slight_smile:

One of your slices has a weight of 1% which increases your minimum deposit, as the minimum order size a pie can handle is £0.20. This leads to a minimum investment of £20 for your pie.

Thank you! Will we be able to invest into smaller pies once pies are officially launched? As I tried to invest into 1 stock within the pie and it still wouldn’t let me?

Also not sure what others think but having the ability to withdraw your free cash to the Invest account would be good wouldn’t it? At the moment I can only withdraw it altogether.

The problem is that you need the £20 to deposit into the pie, the funds in the pie are counted separately and will be invested alongside it. You can withdraw the funds from your pie into your account wallet, raise the smaller percentage slices and then manually deposit and it will work.

The withdraw from the pie withdraws into your ISA/Invest account wallet, not completely from your account.