11.7% above market price - ✅ Solved

I don’t get how this is possible, I just did a market order for a security and the price I got was 11.7% above the market.
The selling price was 6.04$, the buying price was 6.046$ and the price I got was 6.846$

Could you please explain this to me because it does sounds pretty outragious
Especially if you talk about getting us the best prices

Does look odd. LSE records only 4 trades today, all at 6.03 or 6.04.

But in fact 9 x 6.03 dollars converted to euros is 46.03. You paid 46.01, so nothing wrong except the figure in the app. You did pay close to 6.03.

I suspect the erroneous 6.846 comes from the way they compute this. On small amounts the rounding can give odd looking results for average price.

I paid 52.16€ at 10.24 am, I think the 46.01€ shows what my shares are worth at the moment

It is weird indeed. Just had a look on JustETF and that etf seems to be pretty liquid.
You should ask @David : for what I’ve read on here, he is the mod and very much knowledgeable about those things.
Good luck :slight_smile:

@esteban Apologies for the inconvenience, you actually managed to purchase SHLD instead of LOCK. SHLD is the distributing ETF that’s priced at $6.84.

In a few minutes we’ll close the position & compensate any incurred losses, should there even be such.

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It worked thank you. But it is now impossible to buy the security. When will it be available again ?
I would personnally prefer if it was the euro and/or distributing version but any variant will do.

@David Any news on this?

Should be available now.

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