Clarification on ETF price at close

Hi everyone,

I’m investing on 3 ETFs that are present in the LSE. Two of those are the IWDA and the EMIM.

When I open the IWDA the price at close for today shows +0.550 (0.84%), but when I go to the LSE page for that ETF it says + 0.72 (1.10%).

Same thing happens for EMIM.
Can anyone enlight me on why this is?

The 66.44 is the last trade (is in what someone actually paid or received)

So the uncrossing trade buying 66.44 above ask which was 66.42

The T212 is showing the 66.41 (66.412) at 4:29:46

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I’m guessing that T212 shows the 66.41 (66.412) at 4:29:46 because LSE closes at 16:30 and that was the last purchase before closing time?

Just so that I understand, then why does LSE website show teh 66.44 at 4:35:21 has being the last purchase before closure? :thinking:

BTW, thanks for the help understanding this! Much appreciated