2,500 Brand New Stocks - Coming Next Week 🎁

Are ADR stocks included in this list?

Excellent news! Looking forward to seeing everything that gets added - great work guys! :raised_hands::clap::tada:

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Great news!:+1:this platform just gets better, thanks for the hard work and dedication guys! :clap:


Australia? :crossed_fingers:t2: Still hoping one day it gets added to the exchange.

There’s lots of (Newcrest) stock I want from down under :kangaroo:

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Started to see new “faces” MSM/APOG/NFG/SEIC

Seems like the adding has started. :partying_face:


Yep, nearly a dozen outstanding ingredients for my Ark pies: LC, PSTG, KTOS, XONE, PSNL. NNDM etc. Hopefully, T212 can make them fraction soon too. :partying_face:


GRBK added. Hurrah! Thanks guys!

Looking forward to the full list.

I think the additions have started… :slight_smile:

Carlyle stock has been added. Excellent. Hope to have it soon in fractional shares.

YEY Cleanspark finally added, many thanks! However my plans to make some cash on Hyliion to invest in CLSK didn’t quite go according to plan haha. Hopefully be able to pull some cash together to get in on CLSK very soon.

Thanks again

May as well wait a while for Cleanspark. Just announced a share dilution with offering at $9, pretty much 50% below the current sp.


Ah I didn’t know about that brilliant info cheers Cezza. Any idea of when they plan to do this?

9th October


AMAZING!!! I am starting to see these be added to the platform, really appreciate this (especially all the micro-cap ones). Top work guys!

Hiya Cezza thanks for the link, reading that article it says that the 9th is the closing date for the $9 offering, does that actually mean that the $9 stocks will be offered on the 9th then? I’m pretty clueless with dilution. Thanks if you can help, Dave

Is this still going to happen this week?

A lot were added already, around 50 from my watchlists. And I’m sure many more.

I wonder why does the app still say only ~2000 US stocks. Since months. I think it’s just not updated in the app lists but the stocks are added and searchable via search?

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How do you see them? I see only 7 new stocks on New to Trading212 tab !

I have an Excel watchlist and all my previous requests on this forum for stocks that were not on T212, and I saw them added trough the week.

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