2022/2023 ISA contributions - one day left

Most probably know this, bust just in case thought its worth sticking out there to make the most of the 2022/2023 allowance if not already.


Noticed as we’ve crossed into the new financial year ISA rates are crap at the moment.

Are they any fixed bond rates above 5% to park some money?

Natwest does a Digital Saver at 6% but you can only add £150 a month.

Natwest and RBS both do a 6% regular saver, so thats £300 a month.

First Direct does 7% up to £300 a month for 12 months, but less easy access.

Its a difficult one which to choose but I would probably go Natwest/RBS first due to having more flexibility.

Then there is the tax free limit.

Its a difficult one - this year I want to build up a war chest, which means I need to monitor the interest I earn - or alternatively buy some premium bonds. Sadly I would probably be better off paying tax on interest than building my PB balance.

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Allica Bank – 5% for one year or 18 months fixed (10k - 250k)