212 app update glitchy

Anybody else struggling with the new update? 212 app is now struggling to open, I have to open and close it several times before it loads and opens…marvellous!

Looking into this as we speak.


v5.72 working, just updated to v5.78 (last updated 28th Jan - Android play store) and everything seems Ok, logged in & out multiple times etc.

My app disappeared altogether from my screen. Installed update and it reappeared, seems to be working now okay though.

App is still struggling to launch, still freezing when I try to open it, irritating to say the least!!

Takes 3 attempts to open!!

I do wish the devs would leave things alone if its not broken don’t fix it!!!

I’ve also now got account buttons the size of dinner plates to encourage the CFD element…what a big step backwards, very dissapointing…

This is the mentality of companies who fall behind and go bankrupt. I’m sure there was a reason for the change, why would they bother changing it if they didn’t need to.


I’m reffering to my own personal experience, the app was fine before the update, now its glitchy and struggles to open…i dont understand your weird comment regarding the mentality of companies that fall behind?? Maybe you need to get out the office abit more??

You can always use it through your mobile web browser instead. Still all the same functionality. Just make sure you put it so you can access it from your home screen and really no difference.