Android App Crashing Today

Just wondering is anybody else having this issue with the app today? The app opens for me then crashes with a notice ‘Trading212 has stopped working’. Samsung Galaxy S7, Android 8.0.0.

Hello, :wave:

Thank you for the heads up. We are aware of this and a fix has been already uploaded with the newest version of the app (5.45.6), available on Google Play.

If you still experience issues, DM me so we can check the situation together.

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You are a gentleman and a scholar. All fixed now!


Having issues with app as well, not with crashing though but with log in. I keep getting “please try again later”

Tried phone restart

No updates pending

Internet connection

Generally I have no issues with log in, not sure whats causing this


Thank you!

Since you updated the website, or reverted to the old one, i’ve been having trouble with the web app.

First it wouldn’t remember my details and keep me logged in, so i had to log in each time, but now i can’t log in at all.

The log in button has simply stopped working. If i click too many times it now says wait 60 seconds and try again.

I’ve tried a number of different browsers but it still won’t work.

What going on?


The issue has been fixed and everything works as per usual!

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