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Hi guys! Lately I’ve been trying to make the most of the 212Hotlist section because I noticed that every single day there are +100% or more runners. The thing is, how to know about them BEFORE they hit that? (Which usually is 5 or 15 minutes since market open) How do people know in advance what are the stocks with a huge catalyst push on that specific day? Especially because they’re usually small ones… I wouldn’t say penny stocks but small. I know nobody has a crystal ball here, just wondering if I’m missing on any good resources. Thanks!

they don’t. no-one knows. there are a lot of stocks and every day there’s bound to be a big winner and loser. not sure what this has to do with the hotlist as that is how many people own a particular stock. I think many people see a stock rising and jump on it so that’s why it appears that everyone sees the future when in reality they don’t

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Pre-market price change can give you an idea. Some websites offer pre-market prices free of charge, usually delayed by 15 minutes.

I’m referring to the “RISERS” of every hour or every day, not to the leaderboard.

They are not risers before they rise. Data is always retrospective.

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I use Webull and Yahoo Finance for pre market. Do you have any suggestion on a good one that has a “rank” of the ones with highest gain in pre market? Thanks.

Have a look at Chartmill or TradingView.

Thanks, appreciate it.

WeBull don’t hide the API that drives the Extended Hours Quote list, for example…so you can easily hack it out.


or the API query that drives it uses WeBulls “tickerId” parameter that you can easily reverse engineer, store and utilise going forward if you’re so inclined and nerdy. For example, right now, the API call would be https://quoteapi.webullfintech.com/api/quote/tickerMicroTrend?tickerIds=925179328%2C950146866%2C925200020%2C913253544%2C950061744%2C950176037%2C950175976%2C913253335%2C913256040%2C925241720%2C913253771%2C916040737%2C925352531%2C950175968%2C950176079%2C950151313%2C950182115%2C950175967%2C916040768%2C913255583%2C913323928%2C950176030%2C913430468%2C913256254%2C913255996%2C925194271%2C950176118%2C913254559%2C950176066%2C950076873%2C950181303%2C913303694%2C950169473%2C950176176%2C950157726%2C925412837%2C913254184%2C925284419%2C925418554%2C950052409%2C950176643%2C950175975%2C913253715%2C925163589%2C925344675%2C925241798%2C913254332%2C913257362%2C950176028%2C950176014%2C950169894%2C950080472%2C913256038%2C950120694%2C925241783%2C950180281%2C925197784%2C950171366%2C913255783%2C950056767%2C913254264%2C925337003%2C950176642%2C950180973%2C913255912%2C913323744%2C950104118%2C913253422%2C950054006%2C950133094%2C950176669%2C925237507%2C950074274%2C913253587%2C913254210%2C913253491%2C913253723%2C950178964%2C913253700%2C913256004%2C913254273%2C950179666%2C950168102%2C950171092%2C913254364%2C913303846%2C913254154%2C913255719%2C950133162%2C913430648%2C913256234%2C950051966%2C950174489%2C913255887%2C950171323%2C950138736%2C913254204%2C950090181%2C913256956%2C950176096

If, for example, you wanted the tickerId for AAPL


Parse it… you’ll see its 913256135

So some AAPL data hacked out of WeBull would be


Apologies if you have NO IDEA what I’m talkin’ about

I have to be honest that I had no clue but always love a good challenge and will try to get it right :wink: