OTC Markets - Extended Hours

Hey guys, did you receive a notification regarding extended hours?
As of today we can trade 30 minutes earlier before market open. Don’t know why noone is talking about it, but I think this is awesome and want to give my thanks to the T212 team (if anyone is reading).


Everyone Will be Happy but only 30 Mins Is nothing. I would be Happy with pre market 2 hours before and After market 2 hours After at least.


I wonder however if 30 minutes is true. Other day my Limit order got triggered at 14:00 (GMT+1). Market opens at 15:30 local time. So it was 1h30min earlier.

@Shiroh1ge @Razer500 We want to make sure market conditions are optimal before we further extend the trading hours. The goal is to have them start trading from 13:00 GMT till 21:00 but that’ll take time.

@Vedran Limit orders will still get triggered from 13:00 GMT if the conditions are met. That’s not risky as you get the price you asked for. Once we’re certain that trading conditions are okay during the longer session, we’ll officially extend the hours (market orders included).


That would be nice, also After hours are important. Thanks David


OTC is ok, but better would be Nasdaq, NYSE…


Thanks, that sounds awesome! Is it also planned to display the premarket values somewhere? I think that will be very useful, since now we have to look for other places to find this data.

i’m curious why this is applied only to OTC markets? anyone knows?


I didn’t receive any notification about extended hours of trading