212 Hotlist - The Most Popular Stocks on Trading 212

We’re very excited to present our brand new popularity tracker - the 212 Hotlist: https://www.trading212.com/en/hotlist

We believe it’ll become the benchmark for :eu: & :uk: retail interest in the stock market.

For the time being, It’ll consist of three views:

  1. Leaderboard - shows how many users currently own each stock on Trading 212.

  2. Risers - tracks the increase in user ownership for each stock over a period of available time frames.

  3. Fallers - tracks the decrease in user ownership for each stock over a period of available time frames.

With the next update, you’ll be able to access it via the mobile app:


Cool feature! Lol at national grid ^^


Great feature !! Nice work @Team212 !


Is it possible to use volume, or value instead of number of users?
Since people can own 0.01 shares, I have no clue how I would interpret this “data”


also i presume this one is a bug with %17000 rise with 7 users :stuck_out_tongue:

or %400000 with 0?


@David this might be a sign that the free share system gives away too many National Grid. I’ve had about five of those. :joy:

Can it be updated to exclude those holding 1 share?

I’d imagine out of 38,415, that 37 thousand have one share.


Nice insight! Since we start having some info regarding users’ investment options, will we see also soon some breakdown of location of users, the amount invested, type of account (CFD/Invest/both), and similar data?


@BullChew This isn’t the final version, we’ll be adding more data sets in the future.


Must be from all the refferals, I’ve gotten 8 national grids like that.

Trading 212 Hotlist UCITS ETF coming soon :grin:


Actually it will be very interesting to see this ranking by invested amount :+1:


@David Just had another look theres about 10 in the top 100 that are only there due to the customer being given a free share.

It def needs to exclude those people who hold one share.

Does it incude the london stock exchange tesla shares into one or are they separate?

looks cool, reminds me of robintrack before it got shutdown (no doubt the inspiration for this)

no data showing under 1hr fallers? bug?

I would buy 3 of the top 30 shares, may be tentatively 4
This ETF is not to my taste :slight_smile:

ohh also #30 is wirecard :clown_face:

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will be difficult to do this ? if someone has 1 amazon they will be excluded ? which ones to exclude?

robintrack was a similar thing tracking robinhood users stocks and the most popular one was ford, after some research I discovered that it was because people got a free stock of ford when referring/signing up

That’s nice, but hope people don’t just look at the position of a stock and buy it because it’s held by many others or more people are buying it.

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good point, in fact robinhood for instance stopped giving their API access of exactly this information out and robintrack had to close because of it. the reasons they did it was supposedly that people “were using the data in ways that could mischaracterize the company as pandering to day traders.” - so it’s surprising actually that T212 are making this data available where robinhood pulled the plug on it.


Nice work !! is it possible to sort top raisers and fallers based on percentage not value?