212 Hotlist - The Most Popular Stocks on Trading 212

I would buy 3 of the top 30 shares, may be tentatively 4
This ETF is not to my taste :slight_smile:

ohh also #30 is wirecard :clown_face:

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will be difficult to do this ? if someone has 1 amazon they will be excluded ? which ones to exclude?

robintrack was a similar thing tracking robinhood users stocks and the most popular one was ford, after some research I discovered that it was because people got a free stock of ford when referring/signing up

That’s nice, but hope people don’t just look at the position of a stock and buy it because it’s held by many others or more people are buying it.

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good point, in fact robinhood for instance stopped giving their API access of exactly this information out and robintrack had to close because of it. the reasons they did it was supposedly that people “were using the data in ways that could mischaracterize the company as pandering to day traders.” - so it’s surprising actually that T212 are making this data available where robinhood pulled the plug on it.


Nice work !! is it possible to sort top raisers and fallers based on percentage not value?

11 AML
30 WDI

Like robintrack.net (before), this data never ceases to entertain. We all belong to WSB. :joy: :money_mouth_face:

The link in the notification is not clickable on the web version.

The hotlist does not work in firefox, the page is halfway blank.

EDIT: It works sometimes. When I add an exception-breakpoint it stops in msg.js unwrapData(result) and when I continue, it loads. So I guess you have a race condition somewhere?
(Feel free to contact me if you need debugging infos).

EDIT2 15 minutes later. It seems like you solved the issue, it is working now :+1:

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Nice, would have been better if you could select a stock and be taken to its page for purchase/review.

One share of any instrument should excluded

It would have no impact on the actual top 100 but would get rid of those stocks which are on T212s list of possible free shares.

Under Armour
Royal Dutch Shell
National Grid

i second this. the last thing us proper investors want is the market swaying due to thoughtless sentiment (which Robinhood contributed heavily to).


pie idea: top 10 risers vs top 10 fallers, who will win?

Uh oh, now everyone can see how stupid we invest!
So many Wirecard stocks and Vanguard S&P (the most expensive S&P) … ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯


VUSA, IDUS and all others USD DISTRIBUTING S&P 500 ETFs have TER 0.07 so what do you mean? Only Invesco ACC is slightly cheaper (0.05)

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Could we do something similar, instead with a table of the best / worst performing pies?

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I am an idiot and mixed something up there. SPDR is more expensive but generally the S&Ps have low TERs (eg. compared to 0.65 of ishares global clean energy)

In a previous life I wrote this. The number above is the return

US Tech Sector

So IITU would have got you 165% return and cost you £27 quid in fees on £5,000 investment, held for 5 years. Sounds like a very good deal for ~£5.40 a year.

Can you add the ETF ticker TAN and SBW please?

I (literally) work for another Fintech, but you can ask @David to hire me, I will for sure add the ETFs for you then :wink:

@David @George any plans to improve the top 100 query by excluded those holding a single share.

As previously mentioned we have a few in that list that are only there because of the free share given which is giving a false impression.