212 sell price calculation

Hi guys & girls, does anyone have an idea how the 212 software calculates the sell price of each instrument? Is there a set percentage that 212 work from for their spread? I’d like to see a percentage next to the sell price for clarity on what It will cost me to sell my position and/or an actual figure based on if we were to sell there and then what we would pay. If the software can quickly work out how much a purchase will cost, I’m sure it could work out spread fees just as fast. Would be good to see those figures for clarity.

I don’t think there’s a fix pecentage. If i’m not mistaken they took the value from Bloomberg and it’s just for visualization, execution may differ. I’ve seen stocks with a spread of a dollar when it’s price is only $30-ish.

I might be wrong though. But i agree, a spread percentage is a nice addition.

There aren’t any spread fees. Its the Bid/Ask spread available in the market at the time. The app shows indicitive data at the time taken from a Bloomberg feed.


Unless of course the user is referring to CFD’s

Nope, I’m referring to the sell price at the bottom of the page on the invest and ISA accounts.

Ok, so it would be a good addition to show the indicative/projected cost of sale (in my humble opinion)

Would it not be more useful to show the potential net sales proceeds - you cant ‘claim back’ any exchange/fx fees?

I suppose it would be good to see ‘all’ info relating to the purchase or sale of stock.

Would you prefer this rolled up into the return area? I.e 212 including taxes and fees in the return figure?