Total Return - How can FX fees be part of my profit?

Okay so here’s my issue. I don’t understand one thing, and please, explain it to me like I’m a 5 year old (as Denzel Washington used to say in Philadelphia - great movie) : Why does Trading 212 calculate the Total Return the way it does, as shown in the History tab?

Here’s my understanding of the situstion : I open a position, a .15% fx fee is applied. So far so good. I close the position, gaining some profit. Again, a .15% fx fee is applied. Now I go to History to see exactly how much I made. The Total Return is brightly and proudly displayed there all green. But when I do the math by hand, manually substracting the total amount in the buy order tab from the total amount in the sell order tab - surprise, surprise - it’s a little less than what Total Return says. And of course, I do the math again to find out. And I shortly do. Trading 212 adds both the fx fees from opening and closing the position to the result given when you substract only the actual amount that was used to buy shares. (from 10.000 USD, 15 is fx fees, only 9985 actually goes into buying shares; not really sure how it works when selling though).

So I humbly therefore ask you, why on Earth are they doing this and how am I supposed to calculate my actual return when doing my taxes. What if someone isn’t so lucky and doesn’t catch on to this, declaring a higher return?Am I just doomed to manually substracting the fx fees from the results, one by one. I tried generating a CSV file and exporting it to Excel - looked pretty much the same as the History tab but better organised. Am I just overthinking this and ranting like a moron? Is there a simpler way? Any chances of seeing a change in the user experience regarding this matter?

Please excuse any mistakes, I’m not a native. Also, it’s late and this, along with the fact that I don’t even know when the fiscal year in my country begins, have kept me from sleeping. God, I hate taxes.

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I noticed this as well when the FX fee was introduced, so had to track my actual return (excluding the fee) separately in a spreadsheet.

Reading just from the Title it is quite odd to me as “fees” never goes hand in hand with profit.

They must not have updated the calc code yet… before the intro of fee in 2021 there were no fx fees so must be the explanation to why this bug exists.

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