Shares Worth Less Then Stated

Hi I’m new to Trading 212. I’ve invested a small amount in shares with pre sale figures showing a certain amount of growth at the point of sale. I accepted and got the shares. My question is how come since then there has been growth but my valuated return is still less even though else where the sale price looks to gives you a profit. It states no charge towards anything else. Any help on this would be much appreciated.

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This is basically what I need to find out. Don’t make sense how the market price estimate indicates something that doesn’t add up without another charge not being stated. Is there something I`m missing, I am new as I said?!

Hi @Kymberlie. Welcome to the forum. See the topic that Nick linked above. He explained why this happens pretty well :slight_smile:

Makes sense now. And thanks George didn’t know that was a link haha. Thanks Nick for the quick response.

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Maybe t212 has to consider some way to warn people when buying cross currency stocks/etf or add warning notifications about fx risk. :slight_smile:

The number of new posts on this topic is astonishing.

Or simply implement: