3 penny stock rquests please GPL, WPRT, AUG

Great Panther Silver
Westport Fuel Systems, Inc.
Auryn Resources, Inc.

And lots more penny shares please on NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE - thanks so much.

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Don’t add penny stocks there scams :joy:

“They’re” , you mean.

Well I don’t think so.

Aston Martin and Marstons made me a nice profit recently and some of the biotec firms could be big.

Think of it like this: Amazon would have to move a lot to make 100%.

A penny stock would have to move significantly less.

Luckin Coffee is another example… Nice profits this past week. So please, don’t laugh. You might give yourself an unnecessary hernia.


I’m a big penny stock fan too. Lots of times I’ve had my fingers burned but just as many times turned a 300%+ profit.

You only need to be right 2 or 3 out of 10 times to make some money.

Good for you! We never know with any of them I guess, but I saw the proposed penny stocks as recommended online and thought I’d ask for an add. My fave stock is Nio at the moment, but of course, a diverse portfolio is great and a few quick quid from an unexpected surge is great! Especially after the morning rush, I believe (Tim Sykes). You can also buy more!! I wish you the best!

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I have only recently started investing in penny stocks, but I am quite keen on them, obviously the risk is higher than with larger firms (say FTSE100, S&P500, DAX, IBEX, etc).

So I tend to allocate a moderate percentage of my porfolio, a maximum of about 10%.

Any suggestions from anyone as to what to look into?

Edit: Just seen IsabellaBears’s Nio suggestion, and Donald_Duck tends to make suggestions in the mining sector. GGP, which I believe he suggested in the past, is going very well, let’s hope is rallies :rocket: :slight_smile:

I also think Aston Martin and Marston’s have potential. :blush:

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There are a few mining stocks trading for dirt cheap. Not even penny stock, less than a penny. Have a look at Kodal Minerals. They’re setting up a lithium mining operation in Mali and lithium could be big in the coming years with all the electric vehicles. 140% gain the last few days.

Then there’s another one called Premier African minerals trading for one tenth of a pence. Up 69% in the last month. I need to do a bit more research into these lads though.

Okay, I will start with NIO and see first though. I see they manufacture electric and autonomous vehicles… I had never heard of them before.

NIO is Chinese, and these Chinese companies are in a bit of hot water now in the NYSE due to the Luckin Coffe scandel. Just be wary of this situtation when pumping money into the stock.

I agree. I was going to put in a negligible amount on Kodal… The thing with mining explorers is that it is hard to interpret financials. You can only judge them based on that development stage, but they will need more to progress onto the next. They are harder to judge financially, but yes I am happy to invest relatively small amounts.
I went a bit over-board with GGP, especially considering I invested late due to the time it took me to do some research and issues with limit buys on an iliquid stock.

Especially if they get de-listed :sweat_smile:.

I will research it nonetheless and evaluate the risk. Either way I won’t be investing much, unless I sell GGP, I already have a fair bit on penny-stocks.

I love Nio… They’ve had more orders than Tesla in the past 7 months and have done really well since their recent earnings release and sales report from May. I don’t think Trump will delist but will cross that bridge. If they get a big as Tesla due to their USP of battery swaps and also having a new SUV range, I’ll hopefully make a fortune for retirement out of a £500 investment. If the price drops, I’ll buy more. I’m a member of groups on Facebook and watch them daily on Investing.com

I can’t decide for anyone but onky share my passion!

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I’m also interested in Coty.

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I am also interested in Auryn Resources Inc which trades on the NYSE American with ticker AUG.
It’s main exchange is Toronto (TSX - Canada ) where it is listed with the same ticker, however as we currently do not have access to this exchange please add its NYSE listing.

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Hello, thanks for your honest contribution. I literally created this account just to reply to you. Seems like we have almost the same style of trading which is a diversified portfolio. I traded Nio from $6 they are absolutely amazing. I also i trade all the one you mentioned including BioNano, gulfport energy, cbl & associates and borq technology, Kandi + sundial growers they’re all so cheap right now. Although i strongly believe in (Fitbit which is my favorite) considering competitors prices and aurora cannabis considering its price. Thanks i love your postes and messages. keep up trading
Penny stocks our risks are literally just pennies and limited but our gains are immense and unlimited …