3LTP not updating today?

Any ideas? Presume xmas eve break in US market but other US based 3x leveraged funds (e.g Apple) seem to be just fine. Cheers

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TBF, doesn’t look like a T212 problem. Get the same from other sites.

Apologies if this isn’t the right sub forum too.

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Maybe @MarcRAFFARD and @Tihomir can have a look.

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Hi guys,

London stock Exchange is open this morning : “Markets closing process commences from 12:30 London time. Standard settlement day”.

So GraniteShares ETP are tradable until 12.30 UK time. But due to the US market closed today, the spread can be higher. Market participants (including Market maker) will use the US stock listed in Francfort for the pricing.

Have a nice holidays :slight_smile: