Leverage shares ETP - not working

Anyone knows, why Leverage shares are not working? Maybe, @Oktay?

They actually started trading 5 minutes ago … anyway, it’s 1h 30 mins late !

Thanks for the feedback, you’re right! :+1:t3:
I guess the alarm didn’t start on time! :alarm_clock: :wink:

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Thanks for the heads up @libreus - I’ll check to see what caused the delay.


So it looks like the delay was caused due to some segmentation changes at LSE.

Basically, due to Brexit, a lot of ETP/ETF issuers are migrating to ICSD for more efficient clearing and settlement (here’s a link so I don’t bore you to death: https://www.etfstream.com/features/brexit-spurs-etf-migration-to-more-efficient-icsd-model/)

This change was being implemented today - so that’s most likely the cause.


Today it looks like we have delay again. It’s 9:15 AM so 75 mins late so far.
Last time they went LIVE at 9:30 AM so just 15 mins more to wait I guess :slight_smile:

@Emerik, something’s off, yes. @Oktay, any tips?

they are LIVE again, all is well :slight_smile:

Well … I can’t buy -1 Alibaba. The chart is not updating as well, so … not all is well :wink:

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yes , but it might be for the best :slight_smile:

you want to short Alibaba but what are you hoping for ? the best case scenario you gain 5%
and when ARK Invest people wake up they start buying Alibaba and your gains vanish…
this is a buying opportunity, early Christmas gift , such a nice discount for a company who is in top 10 worldwide and has double digits growth YoY.

I buy with both hands today :slight_smile:

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I’m already more than 12 % invested in $baba, no worries -> will be buying more. But along the way, will try to hedge the current loss that is not so small in my portfolio. :sweat_smile:


Hey guys,

Just spoke to the market makers - as you know, they hedge using GDRs that trade on Frankfurt/Xetra (and those markets are closed today). Also, with the news that came out last night, there’s more volatility. The prices should be live any minute, but please be aware that spreads might be slightly wider today due to the above.

Again - thanks for the heads up! Btw, this will be the case with all other ETPs that track overseas stocks from other issuers as well.