3SRR Redemption

Any news about when we are receiving the money from the redemption ?

Hello @gmaresoiu,
It has been completed.

You’ve received the following platform message on 19th of November.
“GraniteShares 3x Short Rolls-Royce Daily ETP underwent Early Redemption Procedure. Shortly, all of your shares will be closed at 0.196122 GBX per share which is less than 1/5 of 1p. You can find additional information regarding this event here: https://graniteshares.com/institutional/uk/en-uk/research/early-termination-of-graniteshares-3x-short-rolls-royce-daily-etp-3srr-due-to-the-extreme-move-in-the-rolls-royce-share-price/

Your initially invested funds have been freed back to your accounts, while the trading result is visible as a transaction.

I haven’t got anything just the withdrawal to the system not to my account

Hello @gmaresoiu,

Your initially invested funds have been freed back to your accounts, while the result is visible as a transaction.

Please keep in mind, that the redemption price is very low & most likely you are in loss from this particular investment.

Thx for replay ,
Granite share said they will pay Gbp 0.19 per ETP security .
I held 20,120 share still nothing came in . I see the transaction of -£5,408.35 freed to the system . Can you explain please ?

@Martin @PeterA
Still waiting your answer ! Can you kindly explain ?

Hi @gmaresoiu,

We did already explain. The mentioned transaction of -£5,408.35 is the result of your positions with 3SRR, i.e. the accumulated loss. The initially invested capital in those 20,120 shares was freed to your account (which is not visible as a particular transaction event, but it is just added to your free funds) and the aforementioned loss was deducted.

Hi Trades,

If you have question about early redemption or anything related to GraniteShares ETP, we have created a special topic for it: GraniteShares ETPs – News / Questions & Answers

Alright , I’ve been told that the 3SRR still there in the account after redemption but can’t see them . Can you assist as from that time till now no money been returned and still unknown results even though per website they say it should pay 0.019 per etp security but yet to see something