GraniteShares 3x Short Rolls-Royce Daily ETC (3SRR.L)

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Can you please add the following ETC?

LSE: GraniteShares 3x Short Rolls-Royce Daily ETC (3SRR.L)


Could this be made fractional too please? :+1:
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Is my understanding correct that on short ones when corresponding stock goes down this one goes up by 3x and on long ones the other way round?

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Yes for example on the short version if Rolls Royce falls 10% then the short position will be up 30%. For the long version if Rolls Royce goes up 10% then the long position will be up 30%.

Rolls Royce up 10% - long position up 30%
Rolls Royce down 10% - long position down 30%

Rolls Royce up 10% - short position down 30%
Rolls Royce down 10% - short position up 30%


Any of you investing in ETFs?
If RR stock is 17 years low and keep falling every day, they struggle financially, looking to find 5Bn to plug the hole… Surely buying short ETF on RR is no brainer right? Where is the trick?

Yes, I’m currently short on RR and up about 40% at the moment. I plan to use the profit from this position to take up my rights when the time comes.

Sounds more of a gamble than investment😳

Investment is gamble unless you are insider or Warren Bufet


Will this rise 3x the drop ex-rights issue as well?

Investing is always a gamble. But if the stock keep dying, why not short it?


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I have noticed that it’s only available on Invest. Can you please add it to CFD?

I’m not sure if the short 3x is working correctly. If it’s as basic as it sounds then it’s broken. When rr was at 244 I moved in, it closed at 219 so roughly 10% down, yet on the 3x short I only saw 12%. I’ve not invested in the 3x shorts before so I’m very much green. Can anyone shed some light on this for me please?

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Sorry I can’t offer any real help but I am also in the same boat. Last week I was watching RR and decided to short after a sudden rise. I decided to short and suddenly out of know where it dropped 30%. The drop did not correspond with a 3% drop in RR. Guess I’m just going to have to hope everyone sells out over the next week

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@Scarletmatt @Rob2 For queries as to how the ETPs were priced at a specific moment in time or why they behaved in a certain way, it’s best to contact the issuer directly:

Hi guys,

Does anyone know how the rolls royce rights issue will affect the short RR etf’s? I’ve bought in but u sure if these will be diluted or not after the 28th?

Grateful For any help


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