48 hours and stil no order placed on Argo Blockchain

What’s the hold-up.

Orders I placed AFTER this (for U.S. stocks) went through in a matter of minutes.

Come orrrrrn!


Same here its been 72 hours nearly for me. Ive got friends purchasing on other platforms and their purchases are going through immediately. Its ridiculous enough that im considering just abandoning 212 if this is going to be the case with popular stocks.

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Seems like a valid course of action.

Or at least have an alternative trading platform on-hand.

My FREETRADE friends are laughing at me, right now!

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Yeah im going to transfer to HL. Chatting on the LSE chat they all have pretty low opinions of trading212 if the market is moving quickly. Its a bit of a joke to be honest that something on their top winners list is basically useless for their users if they cant even buy in.

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I understand the frustration caused by the delays in the orders with ARGO Blockchain. However, I would like to make several clarifications that have been mentioned by David and Peter in the other threads.

This instrument is traded via the trading service SETSqx, which provides execution of orders only several times a day, during the official auctions. Our intermediary IB uses DMA for the order routing with this instrument. This means that orders could be filled (if there is sufficient liquidity) only during the auctions.

There is a possibility to fill the orders using Market Makers, but at the present moment, we can offer only DMA execution. We plan on improving our service in this respect in the future. You can learn more about the SETSqx trading service here.


If you are offering such an option then please add the possibility of traditional funds (traded once per day). Your AUM would explode if people could invest in things like Fundsmith, BG American, Vanguard indexes with lower TERs than similar Vanguard ETFs

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