Buy delays for stock

Hi T212 team
Im trying to buy a small amount of Argo blockchain on a limit order. It took so long that it missed the price so I have adjusted the price slightly higher and now it has been stuck modifying the price for the past 30 mins never mind trying to buy some. Can you help

I assume it might attempt next at 11am?

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How come 11am, is it set times for certain stocks?

I put a buy order a while ago and still waiting for it to go through. It’s a uk company and they are open today so should be no problem. But still waiting

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Mines just gone through actually, phildawson was correct

If it’s trading SETSqx the uncrossing are on open and close, and three times during the day 9am, 11am and 2pm

If you market order then you’ll probably get an off-book OTC fill between depending on liquidity.

@David @L.D can it made clearer what stocks will do this, I mentioned the other year with a clock icon or A for auction, like the F we get for fractional


@Mofojonno As phildawson mentioned, Argo Blockchain is traded via the SETSqx service. This trading service is quite specific since the orders placed via DMA are executed only during the official auction uncrossings, which occur several times a day. Looking at your account, your orders have been filled, namely during these short windows.

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Ok thanks, I didnt realise it worked like that. I was mainly concerned that I couldn’t change the price limit or cancel but as you have seen it went through eventually

Cheers phildawson appreciate the knowledge

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I have a buy order stuck on “modifying”. How do I purge this order?