Argo Blockchain NASDAQ Market

Hi @B.E @David @Team212

Will the Argo Blockchain ADRS shares be available to trade on trading212 platform?

There have been liquidity issues with trading the normal shares listed in AIM.

Having the ADRS shares should solve this issue.

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Additionally, Stupi/Noob question but can we convert our LSE to Nasdaq ADR’s?

Ideally I’d prefer to stay on LSE to subvert any exchange rate fee’s but trading Argo on SETSqx on 212 is a lottery what price it might fill at.


I just hope that trading 212 can get this up and running on the day the NASDAQ IPO goes live !

It will be disappointing if they delay adding this when the price shoots up like 50%… +

There shouldn’t be much deviation between the LSE and DAQ listings, if there is then it is pretty much an arbitrage opportunity.

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Float is only 7,500,000 shares.

Have you seen what has been happening with low float companies in US? Some of them have been running parabolic even without good fundamentals.

Now imagine what could happen with Argo Blockchain?

Yeah but at some point they buy the other float of the exact same stock.

Nasdaq will surely be more liquid and faster to trade? SETSqx and buying or selling Argo currently on LSE is so slow.

There’s no guarantee.

No response yet from @Team212 @David @Rumen @Joey_Fantana .

Will the Argo Blockchain ADRS shares be available on the ISA account?

It will go live this week and will provide the liquidity that we don’t have in the AIM market.


If you read the HMRC guidelines, then you will know the answer(Yes as my interpretation goes, but best double check).

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Just curious to see the Argo Blockchain ADRs, because the original sin is still there, the challenging liquidity of the original stock in LSE AIM.

It seems that the OTC ADR have less volume (1/5 of the LSE AIM), but the trading mechanism could better than in AIM.

But not forget that the ADRs are in USD, so there is also a currency risk for the non-USD investors and a 0.15% FX fee from T212 (buy & sell).

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