Can't get BUY to execute.

Hi everyone. I’ve had two BUY orders for Powerhouse Energy Group PHE at metket price outstanding since this morning. My partner also has her BUY at market outstanding and also my son has the same. Is this normal to have a whole day go past and still be waiting for an order to be filled? I know it can take a while for SEYqx stocks but liquidity has been high the last two trading days. What do you think? Is there a bug in trading 212 or is it just the market?

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Had same issue with Argo Blockchain this morning, it’s quite frustrating. Can’t capitalise on intraday dips when it’s this slow to execute.

Caveat: I guess this is one of the downsides I can live with from a free service, so not complaining here just noticed this behaviour too


Its been 24 hours and still pending. There’s a serious bug in Trading 212. I know of three people affected by this. I’ve missed out on some serious gains now.

I wonder if it could be to do with this in-app warning about AIM stocks? 'Stocks that trade on the SETsqx segment of AIM suffer from low liquidity and my order might get delayed indefinitely’.

PHE has high liquidity at the moment. My son just called to say his buy order was cancelled after he waited for nearly 24 hours. Tried an alternative and it was executed immediately. I’m in the process of leaving 212 now as I can’t take the risk, I’ve already lost out on big money over the last two days because of them.

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It’s not a free service, they make their money on the lower price they give you when selling a share. Have a look, you’ll see that their buy and sell prices are different.

I too have had lots of issues with T212, my latest is here - SPAC investment issues

When it works it’s brilliant, when it doesn’t it inevitably ends up costing you money. The worst part is the consistently poor communication levels from the T212 team itself.

To be successful business is any sector customer service is vital and sadly it’s virtually non-existent from T212. A shame.


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the invest and ISA services are completely free and Trading212 do not make any money from you on these accounts, only in invest can they lend out shares for a small revenue stream.

there is no share price mark-up in these accounts either, that is solely on the CFD side.

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Really, get yourself informed before posting ludicrous claims.

Thanks for clarifying that @Dao, much appreciated. To note, I have no issue with T212 making money, I just wish they looked after their customers better.

@Vedran, calm down Karen, you’ll break a nail…


@phildawson has previously explained in detail why buying aim stocks through trading t212 can be a game of chance due to liquidity issues across the aim market.
You really need to read up on t212 before attempting to buy aim shares on demand, it appears to be fine to buy and hold but executing quick trades it is unlikely a suitable platform.

T212 does not make spread markup on isa or invest,
The price difference is purely between the current ask and bid prices a level is divided between the two to decide the current price t212 will display. This is ofcourse also dependent on t212 having up to date current information available which more often than not they don’t have on aim


I’m done. I moved to an alternative and all my SETSqx buy orders are now executing Immediately. I tried one last time with 212 and it got stuck pending again and the same trade on my other platform executed perfectly as did my others.

Thank you for the genuinely nice people that have commented here.

@SimonH It’s just not good at aim shares but trust me when I say t212 has many many merits, so it’s worth using for all other stock types especially through the isa with no fees or tax

You can check on your alternate broker, where the exchange was made ,off books or on official venue. My bet would be off books, thus discrepancy.