5-20 day moving average on short buys

Is there a tool instrument that allows a permanent set up of 5-20 day average so you dont have to keep manually inputting this to check progression of a share before buying/selling steve ;0)

You could create a template with the SMAs and then lock that as the default?

ah ha ! yes a template i will try and set 2 types for long and short. do people use heat maps as a ref to buying as a good indicator not live but it gives you good insight, just wondered is this a fairly good way of assessing todays best buys etc and or sells? thanks phil for you input.

No worries. I actually use Tradingview for charting as it has about a million more settings available. Crucially 5min and 15min, and 4hr views.

It also has vwap which works whilst T212 is close to a 5 SMA and completely wrong.

Makes it super simple to see when it’s over bought or sold.

Better on desktop but also is an app.

yes the trading view looks to be a good source of info. i like the vol and divid readings nice and clear with all top risers in order rather than a jumbled mix. defo only desk top user not keen on apps on a phone it seems more pro like at a pc. lets see what tinto and astra , homeserve and moderna deliver this week…?