Moving averages inconsistent with other platforms

(Wouldn’t it be better to separate bugs/issues into their own forum?)

The screenshots show a comparison of the 10MA in T212, TC2000 and TimeToTrade. As can be seen, the disparity is evident, with T212 being the odd one out. These were taken against NIO.




I should add, these were on the daily chart.

This is what I get on Trading View with the 10 SMA

Thanks @phildawson .

But I also get 25.20 in T212

Interesting. New UI on mobile?

It’s been like this since at least March this year :sweat_smile:

You just rotate your phone landscape or click the arrows next to Market Open/Closed if you want it detailed in portrait.

I use desktop (original UI) ; more control (for me).

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Same normally but I’m in garden enjoying the sun atm :sweat_smile:

It looks like Time to Trade and TC2000 have 25.20 too which is what it should be.

Curious to know why it’s showing 26.826 in your desktop screengrab, I’ll take a look later if I remember