5G/Telecomms stocks - buy now?

Hello all,

I’m slowly doing more research into 5G and its potential benefits for the UK and wider European economies, or even over the pond in the USA - the speculation so far seems interesting.

Companies I’m looking at: Ericsson, Nokia, BT Group, Verizon etc - any suggestions welcome.

Does anyone hold telecomms stocks or is planning to? Interested to hear what people think.



I’ve 500 shares of NOK, hoping to take a profits early next year.


Most of mine small portfolio is Tesla & Nio & various other little bits pieces.

But 5G wise… I’m looking to XILINX & SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS. I have been holding since March but I think from the of this year & onwards these will become a bit more " in the front " so to speak.

May be worth you looking into along with
maybe Ericsson, Nokia. Etc…

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Personally like Broadcom in the 5G space but always do your own due diligence.

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I like Broadcom too, I was trying to wait for it too reach the 100 day on the last dip but it never hit it so I missed the boat :man_facepalming:

I personally love NOK - they have a solid balance sheet and what with the controversy of huawei basically being chased out of every country - I think they are a solid hold and will fly in the next few years.

BT is a good buy, massive value play, when they reinstate dividend you’re guaranteed to see a jump (one would assume)…

Jumped 8% this morning on the news that India’s Reliance Industries is reportedly considering making an offer for London-listed BT Group.

Hopefully they make an offer and we get some bidding war so i can sell at a premium to my purchase price

There’s money to be made buying cheap undervalued UK stock but everyone seem to busy with the FAANG’s & Tesla

Hey there, I totally get you! Investing in 5G and telecomms stocks is super interesting, especially with all the buzz around its potential benefits for the economy. Personally, I’m looking at Ericsson, Nokia, and Verizon too. Have you looked into AT&T and T-Mobile as well? I’ve been keeping an eye on FAANG’s and Tesla too, but I wonder if everyone is still monitoring those stocks. I’m also curious about how other inventions and information would affect the stock price of 5G. For instance, have you heard of EMF and the potential harm it can cause? I recently discovered this, and I’m considering buying an emf protection beanie. Have you guys tried it out? Let me know your thoughts!

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The underlying infrastructure I think is worth it, potentially, but the main stocks you suggest - Vodaphone etc. are not.

The market is so competitive and saturated in developed worlds, and although they have good cash flows, are laden with debt and low cost competitors.