5G/Telecomms stocks - buy now?

Hello all,

I’m slowly doing more research into 5G and its potential benefits for the UK and wider European economies, or even over the pond in the USA - the speculation so far seems interesting.

Companies I’m looking at: Ericsson, Nokia, BT Group, Verizon etc - any suggestions welcome.

Does anyone hold telecomms stocks or is planning to? Interested to hear what people think.



I’ve 500 shares of NOK, hoping to take a profits early next year.


Most of mine small portfolio is Tesla & Nio & various other little bits pieces.

But 5G wise… I’m looking to XILINX & SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS. I have been holding since March but I think from the of this year & onwards these will become a bit more " in the front " so to speak.

May be worth you looking into along with
maybe Ericsson, Nokia. Etc…

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Personally like Broadcom in the 5G space but always do your own due diligence.

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I like Broadcom too, I was trying to wait for it too reach the 100 day on the last dip but it never hit it so I missed the boat :man_facepalming:

I personally love NOK - they have a solid balance sheet and what with the controversy of huawei basically being chased out of every country - I think they are a solid hold and will fly in the next few years.

BT is a good buy, massive value play, when they reinstate dividend you’re guaranteed to see a jump (one would assume)…