BT Shares dropping

I hung on to my BT shares as they seemed to be doing OK, this morning they have dropped, I read that they were in competition for the 5G network, I believe Nokia has now won the contract, could this be the reason for the sudden price drop.
I’m wondering if to hang on to my shares or sell, if I sell I will lose a bit of money but not much at the moment.

I would say current dropping is not related to fundamentals of single company, just broad market tanking due to covid19 fears.

Instead of selling, you should look to take opportunity and look to buy on red days, however patiently, could be a lot of downward pressure from now on forward.
Or it could be just a dip in the road. :slight_smile:

Selling on red days is worst decision you can make.


Yes I was thinking that, looking back at the graph it has been worse but they have climbed back again.
As I was looking at it the line was bouncing up and down, obviously people buying and selling etc.

I have turned my attention to ETF’s I posted in the link lower down I was looking for some assistance, I have bought some already but this is only the first day and a couple have gone slightly in to the green and a few borderline, I am new to ETF’s so I am presuming they take longer to start gaining.

Ericsson won it, and it’s BTs contract since it’s their 5g network so they weren’t in competition in this case.

Oh right, I was doing a Google search and read that Nokia won it, not sure what page it was on now though, still I notice the price is slowly rising again now with BT, I may have been too hasty with my post lol.

The price has been struggling for some time. It’s worth looking at their reports and how they’re planning to restructure the business. A lot of middle management waste exists still which is difficult for a business like BT to get rid of over night

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Yes when I switch the graph back to a year it shows how they fell and it has been rocky for many months.


I agree there is lots of life in the old dog yet…They’ve been chewing it for a long time