(7CD) CD Projekt Red Frankfurt Exchange

Hi, could you please add CD Projekt Red as listed on the Frankfurt Exchange (as I know the Warsaw listing cannot be added).
Ticker Symbol: 7CD
Thank you!


Please should be good

Agree! This should be a nice addition to my Videogames Pie :slight_smile:

Expectations for their soon to be released Cyberpunk 2077 game with Keanu Reeves are extremely high. The game has been postponed / delayed at least twice and the employees are pushed to work as fast and long as possible, making a lot of over time. And this while the company’s coffins are draining.
As far as I’ve read this game must become a success or they might be in trouble.

Could be a interesting stock


Why cant the Warsaw listing be added for my knowledge please?

Do they list CDPR on the LSE also?

Despite the delays I think CyberPunk 2077 will be a hit.

CD Projekt on US OTC Markets (OTGLY) is coming pretty soon.


Are you gonna add more OTC Markets stuff, eg. Sberbank (SBRCY)? Thanks for answering

@Bofra Yes, pretty much everything OTC that’s above 5-10 mln. market cap. - all at once.


But wheeeeeeen? Xmas eve? Are you secretly santa? :smirk:

So has anyone decided to purchase the CD Projekt Red OTGLY ?

I like the company and its products, I have faith in them, but the games industry is notoriously taking over companies and killing the studios.

I haven’t done any analysis in to this stock, but was wondering what others thoughts were on this?

@David no Sberbank (SBRCY) today? :cry:

@Investor212 It’s not penny stock exempt.

@David Ok. And any news about Sberbank?

I found two topics. This one and this from february

It meets all three “tests” for exemption though - price, revenue and tengible assets. Best bank there is right now, would be awesome if you could add it eventually.

Exactly. I don’t. understand why it doesn’t meet the criteria.

Can we please add CD Projekt Red on an ISA account? The German listing would be great.