[Stock Request] CD Projekt SA [WSE: CDR]

Would love to see this added to T212 universe.


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Hi @Caius
We don’t have stocks from the Warsaw Stock Exchange available, yet. However, rest assured that it’s in the pipeline.


Thanks @David, happy to wait till we get Warsaw stock’s. I will really like a small dip in their value before considering this as a buy. As i believe their new game “Cyberpunk 2077” success is already priced in.

A little bit old topic needs to be refreshed xD @David @Team212 is there any chance you could add CD Project before Cyberpunk release which is planned on 17/09?

Just my opinion. I think the stock si priced in right now with the revenue they will make for the sale when it launches. Best is to wait until autumn when it will dip a bit because they will launch later the multiplayer part that will bring extra money and increase the share price

I am also interested in this stock, it is also listed on the German market under.


Which should be easier to add as you guys already have german stocks
@David @Team212

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Welcome! That’s a good shout, wasn’t aware of the German listing.

While I understand that new additions have generally been paused for a bit and for good reason, I think exceptions should be made for the odd in-demand stock such as this.

Chegg and HelloFresh also seem to have been requested a fair number of times too.

I’m not aware of any commission-free brokers offering CD Projekt yet, so adding it first could lead to something of an influx of users.

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