Stock Request - CD Projekt SA (WSE: CDR)

Polish games developer, publisher & distributor traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Company expected to do really well in the coming months with the release of their new title: Cyberpunk 2077.

Would love to get in early on this company before CP2077 is released. Please could we get WSE + CDR added to trading212?


+1 for CD Projekt , my number 1 pick for videogames exposure in a portfolio.


+1 for CDR, really great company!!

Polish Stock Exchange is not yet supported by T212.

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And to give you an alternative: Degiro.
I don’t have an account with them, but my work colleague has and he owns some CD PROJECT.

CD Projekt seems to have fallen heavily in the last few days but I might be willing to buy in here. The drop is due to a lot of issues with their new game at launch however the game itself is very good and if the issues can be resolved I can see the stock bouncing back.

This thread did not age well :slight_smile: but I think now is a great time to buy shares in the company. They have recouped their development cost and they have a track record for long term game patches and sales

Yeah I see this stock jumping back. Even with the issues they will have made a bucket load (even with refunds). Future sales with their track record of patches it is a win, win if you get on in this dip.