A List of ETFs to request

There is a video of this guy who recommends in some ETFs to invest in but I could not find any of them on the app. I know that it won’t be possible to add all of them but I will list them and hopefully some of these can be added. Thanks

  1. VT
  2. QQQ
  3. ARKK
  4. VOO
  5. VTI
  6. NOBL
  7. SCHD
  8. VIG
  9. VYM
  10. SPHD

You were watching a video in which someone was talking about some ETFs available to US investors. These are not available in Europe. However, if you do a web search by the name you may be able to find an equivalent that is marked as UCITS, which means it can be sold in Europe. For example, in Europe VUSA is a replacement for VOO. EQQQ replaces QQQ. Many of these equivalents are already on the platform. justetf.com is a good place to do your research to look for ETFs that can be purchased in Europe.


Ok thanks that makes sense.