A lot of EU stocks are missing

I’m trying to find some stocks from EU from Medical Specialties industry but most of them are missing (e.g. MEDIAN Technologies SA ). Isn’t possible to connect to a stock market (e.g. EURONEXT PARIS) and proxy all the stocks from that market? Why are stocks added one by one?
I’ve also seen some older posts here about a roadmap where tens of thousands of stocks were supposed to be added but it looks like the app is stuck/limited at 2459 stocks.

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The number in the stock is just how many have been put in that specific.folder, there’s about 1500+ not in a folder you have to search the ticker directly to find it.

Its 10,000 stocks over weeks not in one go too, so a few hundred a week.

Off-topic, but I immensely enjoy the typo in the title.


There are 2459 in the “stocks”(all) folder of the app . Then you can further choose different folders (i.e by country etc). Below is also a list which seems to count less than 2000 lines (after you click “show all”). Is there any other link ?

Its 10,000 stocks over weeks not in one go too, so a few hundred a week.

What exactly do you mean by this? How many stocks do we have available right now in the app? When will we reach 10.000?

I think expected target for 10k stocks will be around late Q3 or Q4

So currently if I look directly at their API it has 3537 in the app, so 1078 are hidden instruments in that they are not yet added to a folder and you’ll need to search the ticker using the search input instead to find it.

Here’s a paste bin of all 3537 as of 10:32 am today in markdown.


Search the forum for this weeks. Staff are adding 200-300 each week or so.

Screenshot 2020-06-25 at 10.46.10


We’re aiming for 10,000 at year end.

So 10000-3537 = 6463

29 weeks left in 2020.

6463/29 = 222 week on average sounds doable

I assume some weeks might not have as many and then blam 1,000 added.

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