Missing stocks in app


When I looked at your stocks that you said that you have and when I compare it with stocks that you actually have, there are some missing.

Here you have that you should have in invest SCHD but when I look in the app, its missing.


They have this in CFD I think. It’s not eligible to be sold to retail investors in the UK & EU

Yes, but in first picture I have invest and not CFD and they have it listed there. They need to fix it because its misleading

@Team212 Any info on this?

Hi @SpOOny, The website always shows all our available instruments without considering jurisdictional limitations. While we cannot offer SCHD to EU/UK clients, we support some regions where these regulations are not present.

Then its a bug and you need to fix the filter, some people might think they can invest into them and open account just to find out they cant. Its false information on your website

I get your point - thanks for flagging this. While it’s not a bug per se, since this is an expected behaviour, we’ll consider adding additional filters based on location.