December new stocks?

Any update on when/what stocks will be added in december? (Looking for some weird and wonderful OTC stocks myself such as ICLTF)

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Good point, they said there would be 10k by the end of the year? How many is there in total now?

There are folks who use APIs to mine data, so I guess they could give exact figures.

If I had to guess, anywhere around 7000-8000 securities in whole Invest universe currently.

Don’t take the search> Browse all number as source of truth.

As T212 added a lot of securities without properly listing them for browsing. Thus only way to see them, search by name/isin/ticker.

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Yeah I thought that as the amount on the app is about 3k

Then they got hit with an uber-volatile market that IB couldn’t cope with and had knock-on impact to their own front-end, causing any number of complaints and fixes to address.

I’d perhaps temper expectation with this unforeseen circumstance that could have waylaid the new additions considerably.

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yeah its all cool with me, its been a wild year!

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I noticed in “invest mode” that when I browse all and then select Switzerland, I only see 28 stocks. If I however search “SWISS” at the top I see a lot of Swiss stocks traded on the SIX SWISS exchange. I hope those are really stocks and I did not somehow land on their CFD page doing that.

If you are in invest, then these are all “Invest stocks”.
The reason being, in my opinion, what Joey explained above:

And the solution being what you are doing, which is just searching (and yes, you can search by exchange, particularly for those with less stocks on T212 such as SIX or BME) as well as how Vedran explained:

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