A temporary dip or a long-term correction?

Everything is going down!

Companies report good earning but still the share prices go down even if they beat estimates.

Is it just a temporary sentiment (Covid, USA elections) or is it another burst bubble?


The whole market is down even shares that are under or fairly priced, so would not suggest a bubble burst yet, some say tech is a bubble now but they are no more affected today/recently than other industries.

A companies share is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it…come burst bubble or whatever…and tomorrow is another day…right

Most of those beats are lower revised estimates. Many companies have either muted growth YoY or decline in Revenue/EPS in comparison to 2019.

So gotta go case by case, some on other hand were priced for perfection, so if one Q is not perfect we have mini crash. See FSLY.

Anyway garage sale is about to occur once again it seems.

Yes I had my eye on FSLY today, haven’t done enough reading on it to take a position but its on my radar to watch as $70 is a touch lower than where it has found support previously in swings last few months.

But is it lower on something already way to high?