Do you buy value or hype?

Hi pals,
I’m interested if people are buying only meme stocks these days or they want healthy companies too?
Like $IONI I-ON Digital corp. is small Korean company with strong fundamentals, but people dont want to hold it for more than a week. It’s because it has only 35M shares available? Or because lack of US marketing?

There’s a recent trend of pump and dump stocks going after these kind of businesses.

I can imagine this will fall back to 0.2, people aren’t holding long term they are either lucky in riding the pump, or becoming a bag holder.

It used to be the pumps would last a month or so, and then a couple of weeks and now a couple days. These days the kids want instant profit, and it’s easier than ever to take money off new retail.

Interesting post I saw the other day as Reddit is a breeding ground for FOMO

Between them and WallStreetBets I am not too shocked.

These are the same people who go big on Crypto too I believe.



There are some crypto exchanges that will send out an email of a crypto that’s going to pump say 1-2btc worth in a short space of time.

If you believe in a company or a crypto for that matter I say, buy and hold and don’t worry about the short term prices.

I’ve personally started going long in most of my holdings and that’s at least 3-5 years so, if the price drops in a few weeks or months I’m not fussed as I know I’m not going to sell until a certain time and won’t let the emotions get the better of me

Hype for trading, value for holding