It would seem the tech bubble burst is in motion

IF you have cash on the side even if under 100 whatever your currency is,the next 2 weeks are the best time to buy in…

As the sell off gets stronger your buying power increases.

Even a fraction of Square, Tesla, PayPal or NVIDIA would give you a massive percentage by mid-january maybe even as early as December…

This is like March but better for purchasing because of the presidential election


Are you saying it’s currently like March? Because it’s definetly not. There is a long way to go to reach them levels.

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It’s definitely not like March but the process is underway

Agreed. This is the best time to invest. Even if will drop lower.
No one can predict the bottom.

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I can’t see this being the same as March, the main difference being no one is shocked this time round. Decisions are being made without the massive “uncertainty” covid brought, there’s still bad news to come but really this shouldn’t be as bad as then and should bounce back fairly swiftly.

Will March '21 be like March '20 or like October '20 ? :thinking:

I think it’s a dip as opposed to a crash, unless central banks increase interest rates soon.

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Yeah I think you’re right. It’s just more a correction than crash.

That being said, I would hope that some of the less sensible multiples rationalise a little as it’s probably not healthy. By that I mean, if a large amount of ridiculous multiple stocks completely crash it’ll have a broader impact on the whole market.