AAPL - Apple Stock Price

Anyone holding these?

Dispite the shortage for iPhone 13 models and chips.

M1 chip should be a game changer really. Its the biggest thing i’ve been impressed with from Apple in a long time. ARM finally having the same performance as the desktop x86 chips but not requiring the same power. I don’t think investors could care less though. Believe me Max Zorin knows about micro chips.


I’m holding. doing ok.



I’m confused, if you hold more shares do you get better returns?

I got told by someone on here that’s not the case but I think it’s true.

Out of the ones I have in my portfolio I have the most shares in bp and that has better returns to my others.

I’m confused, if you hold more shares do you get better returns?

Of course.

(share price * number of shares) - investment

You have to also factor in fx fees if the stock is in a foreign currency.

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Thanks for that. Someone told me ages ago that’s the case but they are clearly wrong. The above example shows it.

I think the person you were speaking too was probably referring to percentages


He said something like it isn’t a “slot machine”

Oh, may of just been a nob head then

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Long term hold for me. I don’t care too much about chip shortages. The whole world in all sectors have supply problems. Valuable company, dividend yield is low compared to others.

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I don’t bother buying this stock as it’s a decent chunk of most ETFs I hold.

As an Apple user I need to own at least 1 share :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been keep adding AAPL position since a few days ago, as I have done with FB as well with intention to sell it back once they reach All Time High again.

The risk associated with swing trading Megacap stocks is very low.


Which ETFs do you hold? Are they cheaper than buying the Apple stock? If so I might consider it.

No won’t be cheaper due to ETF fees.